The boat

The only boat designed and decorated for parties.

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Open bar

Open bar of rum, whisky, tequila, draft beer, soft drinks, vodka, mojitos and caipiroskas.


Sweet for those who have a sweet tooth and salty for the witty ones.

Banana boat

You will want to do repeat it… and you know it!

Jet ski

If you have never ridden one… get yourself ready!


Of guaranteed fun with open bar, wigs, masks, floaters…


79€ only
  • Open bar
  • Snacks and pastry
  • Banana boat
  • Jet ski


109€ only
  • Everything that is included in the STANDARD ticket
  • + Priority boarding
  • + 1 premium alcohol bottle every 2 people
  • + Glasses or a T-shirt or bag
  • + 1 tray of 8 sushi pieces per person
  • Minimum two people have to book


125€ from
  • Everything that is included in the STANDARD ticket
  • + Priority boarding
  • + 1 bed (maximum capacity 6 people)
  • + 1 premium bottle to choose from the menu
  • + 1 cava bottle every 2 people
  • + Merchandising article per person
  • + 1 tray of 8 sushi pieces per person

★ What makes Beautiful People so especial?

We have been doing this for almost 10 years, we have learned a lot along the way. We are passionate in what we do and year after year we break our backs to improve day after day thanks to your suggestions and comments.

We are a family business founded by Ibizan people. We have achieved after a long time of studying and reflection, the perfect fusion between partying and this paradise named Ibiza.


★ What am I going to come across?

I come on board, the music starts to play. I feel like having  something fresh, the sun tans my skin and it is hot, I am going to order a very cold, strawberry mojito to begin. I realise that the boat decoration makes me feel as if I was in nature and in the backside of the boat I see stairs that lead upstairs.

Step by step I am discovering why I was right. The people, uninhibited, dancing with a smile on their faces, the DJ mixing a music that makes you forget about everything and enjoy the moment… I met some guys from Madrid that invite me to dance with them and to cava, it is awesome how people connect in here, there is an indescribable positive energy.

The speakers announce that we can ride the jet skis or the banana boat. I had never ridden any of this before. I have to say that I love adrenaline, and riding a banana boat has been the best I have ever experienced, it is amazing how fast it goes and no one was able of keeping up for a long time, I would repeat it 100 times more.

I feel like having rum with cola so I go downstairs and I order it at the bar, the waiter tells me that he is from Ibiza and that this island has something special, that he wouldn’t change for anything. As the party goes by I start noticing why… as soon as I order the mixer I snick in a balcony in the right hand side of the boat, I love closing my eyes and feel how the sea breeze caresses my face and listening to background music that makes one feel alive.

A girl approaches me, we start talking and she tells me that this is the third year she goes to this party and that she comes back every year, I speak with her in spanglish since the girl is from Canada, but ti doesn’t matter, we understand each other perfectly. She tells me that later she has been put in a list for a club, and that I should call the customer service phone and join her and her friends. Suddenly the boat waitress interrupts us with canapés and cupcakes and gives away an afro wig and a mask. I wear the mask and the wig and I don’t stop dancing, my body moves to the sound of the music.

I realise that we are arriving to the harbour, time flies by… I come across the guys from Madrid again and I introduce them to the girls from Canada, we get along so we decide to party together.


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Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party


Beautiful People Ibiza boat party

+ Export Events

It is very important to buy tickets in advance, since the places are sold out very quickly. If places are sold out the day you want to come, contact with the customer service department via WhatsApp to +34655456202.

★ Check-in

The check-in starts at 13H on the same day you have made a reservation for. The check-in is done near the bar Albatros in playa D'en Bossa (you have a map below). You have to bring the ticket printed.